How To Write An Outline In APA Format

When using the APA format to write a research outline, you have to start by understanding what you are writing about. You should start by reading the research question so that you understand what your professor wants you to write about. Sometimes, the question requires you to provide a critical analysis, or persuade the reader. You may also be required to offer a counter argument. Understanding the purpose of your research question will help you to come up with the perfect APA paper outline.

The introduction

The first thing when rafting an outline is to come up with an introduction. This is the section when you let a reader into the entire paper. Raise their interest by letting them know what they should expect. Provide some background information so that the reader knows where you are coming from, and where you are headed. Writing an introduction should not be a difficult task, especially when you have done thorough research. This is the point where you are required to state the thesis and purpose of your research paper. You can also use an APA research paper outline template to achieve this. You can get free samples here or look at some reputable writing service.

The body

The body of your research paper is where you provide every detail according to your findings. You will be using this section to let your reader understand the basis of your argument. This is the place where you provide citations and other facts that add weight to your arguments. Keeping in mind that the main purpose of the body is to support the thesis statement, you have to be careful not to veer off the main topic. Keep it precise so that readers understand what you are presenting to them. The best APA paper outline format allocates enough space for details in the body.

The conclusion

Leaving your readers hanging is the worst mistake that you can ever make. You may have come up with the best finding in your research paper. However, if you do not summarize them, your reader will end up not getting the point. The conclusion is a recap of the entire research paper. However, you do not have to write it as if you are rewriting the paper again. Instead of that, use it to emphasize the points that you want to pass across. One of the best ways to write a conclusion is to reword the thesis statement. Writing a conclusion based on a paper outline in APA format requires you to engage the reader too.

A good outline should also allocate space for other aspects in your paper. You should be sure of where you will mention specific facts. It has to be chronological so that everyone that reads it can follow through. If you look at the best papers published out there, you will notice that the authors did not do it haphazardly. Everything indicates that they took time to articulate every statement, and they probably us an APA research paper outline sample.