The Most Crucial APA Formatting Rules

If your professor has not asked you to write a research paper using APA format, they soon will. You have to be prepared when that time comes. There are students who find themselves in trouble because they hardly know what this style requires. Since your academic success is dependent on the essays and papers that you produce, it is important to know how to get the best results. Here is a look at the most crucial rules that apply to an APA paper format.

  1. The paper – it is recommended that you use an 8 ½ x 11” paper that is white in color.
  2. The margins – create a margin both at the top sides, and the bottom. This should be 1 inch wide.
  3. Paragraphs – When starting a new paragraph, you need to indent the first word. One half inch should be used for indenting.
  4. The font – if you look at any APA paper format example, you will notice that they use the Times New Roman font. The normally accepted font size is 12.
  5. Spacing – Unlike other formats, the APA style is keen on spacing. Your professors will be expecting you to double-space the entire paper.
  6. Page header – Also known as the running header, this is used in APA at every page’s top. This should not be difficult considering that you can set it to automatically indicate using word processors.
  7. The title page – if you are following an APA paper format template, you will see that every paper should have a title page. This page has four pieces including the paper title, running header, name of the author, institutional affiliation as well as some notes. All the pieces should properly be indicated.
  8. The abstract – In APA, an abstract has to include in your research papers. It should also have specific features including a summary of the key points to usher readers into what the paper is about.
  9. Body – subtitles in the body should be centered and bolded. Be sure to start the body with a running header.
  10. References – You have to alphabetize and double space all entries in the reference section. This ensures that they are clearly visible including the APA paper format headings.

Before completing your paper, it is important to read through it to ensure that it conforms to all the APA rules. Remember that if you miss any of these rules, your professor may ask you to repeat the research, or award you or grades. This is not a good thing for someone who is aspiring to start a career after completing a course. The good thing is that APA is one of the easiest methods of writing research papers. As long as you master the rules, you will be writing like a professional. When it comes to APA, format a paper based on the guidelines at your disposal. Avoid the temptation to include other things that have not been recommended.